As a city and regional planner, landscape designer and silk painter, my goal is to focus public attention on the critical issues of climate change vulnerability and adaptation on coastal landscapes in Greater Boston, especially the North Shore. I am intrigued how to intersect art and science by producing montages of silk paintings, photography and scientific text. Through the vivid color and lusciousness of the ​silk, I seek to engage people emotionally to ask sometimes unanswerable questions about our role and responsibilities for our urban and natural environments.

Silk Painter of Landscapes, Climate Change & Wearable Art

I am a British-born urban and environmental planner and landscape designer turned silk painter. I have a Masters in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University and Certificate in Landscape Design from the Landscape Institute, Harvard University. I received my BA (Hons) in Political Science from Leicester University, UK.

I am a co-administrator and a silk painter at Ten Pound Studio, Gloucester, MA. My landscape silk paintings are deeply informed by the lyrical and poetic landscape interpretations of artists Wolf Khan and Ian Hamilton Finlay. My work is also influenced by the batik landscapes of artist Mary Edna Fraser who I met at a SPIN (Silk Painters International) Festival in Santa Fe, NM.

I collaborate with photographer Leslie Bartlett on art and environmental projects, the following links cover our collaborative works.






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